Many people can break clays at the shooting ground but lack confidence infield. There are many factors to be taken into consideration when game shooting, whether it is height and speed of the bird or quite simply, peer pressure.

Having your own personal infield coach will help you increase your hit ratio as you are mentored in your foot work, stance and bird selection. We will help you select the bird that is right for you and adjust your technique as necessary throughout the day.

Driver Loader

We offer a highly professional, courteous and discreet driving and loading service. We can transport you and your clients around the shoot in our Land Rover Discovery, going where most cars cannot.

You will arrive at the shoot totally relaxed. This will help maximise your ability and leave you free to enjoy the hospitality of the day.

This service is also ideal for people travelling to the U.K from overseas as we can arrange to meet you at an airport or railway stations and take you to the shoot. Alternatively, if you are travelling by train, we can take your luggage, guns and equipment and meet you at the destination.

It may just be you want somebody to carry your guns and cartridges from peg to peg and load for you; all of our services are tailor made to your needs.

Infield Instruction

We are accredited BASC, APSI & CPSA qualified coaches with a proven pedigree in coaching, especially in infield coaching. We have an extensive knowledge of all game birds and will assist you in achieving your optimum hit ratio throughout the day by constantly mentoring you on all aspects, including mounting the gun, your stance and your foot work.

Surprisingly very few people mount the gun onto a moving target correctly as it is not as easy as some may think. Mounting too early will make you miscalculate the line of the bird. Having your own coach will undoubtedly assist you and will make a huge difference to your performance, consequently maximising your enjoyment of the day.

Our aim is simple that you leave the field with a memory of a beautiful shot, with something to talk about as you enjoy the after shoot hospitality.

Bespoke Service

Our Bespoke service goes beyond expectations and gives clients the VIP experience. It is totally tailored to your individual needs and requirements. From meeting you at your home, office, airport or train station to driving you and, if required your guests around the shoot.

We can coach you throughout the shoot if required, just load for you or double gun.

If you are new to the sport we will assist you in gun etiquette. Safety is of paramount importance and this is assured as all coaches are qualified shooting safety officers. We know this can be a daunting, albeit an exhilarating experience to a new comer.

We can supply cartridges and have a selection of guns for hire but if using your own gun, we will meticulously clean it at the end of the day and have it ready for your next shoot.

Flexible Services Available

You can book us for just one day or for several – the choice is entirely yours. We have experience in 2-3 day shoots in different locations and we are confident that you will enjoy the experience from start to finish. We do not watch the clock and we are available for late nights and early mornings. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

We will discuss your requirements from the moment of enquiry through to the shoot day and we are confident that you will find if you have forgotten something, we will probably have it covered. Our aim is to make sure each shooting day is a day to remember for both you and your clients.

We understand close protection is a necessity to certain people with more and more of our clients becoming more security conscious than ever. We also understand that some clients require different security measures so we have close relationships with bodyguards who have extensive working backgrounds in the British Military and Police Service, Close Protection Units such as Royal Military Police, Special Police Protection and UK Special Forces SAS/SBS. They are widely considered to be the best in the world and are all trained in advanced physical defence and first aid.

Services and Repairs

At M. J. R Sporting Services we have built our service reputation by only using the finest gun smiths. We are able to offer everything from a complete restoration to minor repairs or after season service. Whatever your requirements, we are certain we can deliver!